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Hand Massage


Enhance your experience.


Hot stone back massage

Heat Therapy

Heated basalt stones are massaged into your skin to ease painful muscles, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and to help improve the quality of sleep. They are heated to no higher than 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and then cool as they are handled with care by a therapist prior to the hot stone massage. Always using clear communication so any accidents do not occur.


Revive essential oils, used for aromatherapy during massage.

Inhale the tranquility.

Get extra benefits out of your massage when adding different essential oils to your massage lotion.

Relaxing Lavender
Energizing Orange
Sinus Relief Eucalyptus
Earthy Frankincense 
Healing Tea Tree

Musky Patchouli 

Sweet, Woodsy Palo Santos

Purifying Sage

Holiday Aromas- Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla, Pepermint, Clove


Biofreeze logo

Cold Therapy

Add deep muscle therapy to your massage with Biofreeze (a cooling gel) to help ease arthritis, muscle, and joint pain. Followed with a hot towel compression, this add-on is just what your aching muscles need.


CBD add-on logo

Theraputic healing

CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived directly from the hemp plants and is NOT psychoactive (no high effect). CBD cream may be helpful for people with various health conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, and inflammation. It can also to help ease pain, reduce tension, and alleviate stress and anxiety. Choose from regular (200mg) strength, or extra (400mg) strength.


peppermint scalp add-on logo

Invigorate your senses.

Add peppermint essential oil to a scalp massage to help ease headaches, hot flashes, stimulate hair growth, or just help in relaxing the mind.


sugar scrub add-on logo

For aching hands and feet.

Homemade sugar body scrub to help exfoliate dry, rough, and tired feet and/or hands. Followed by a hot towel compression and rich body butter to keep skin feeling soft for days.



Ancient, and safe muscle relief 

Add cupping to help speed up the healing process in injured muscles, gain more range of motion, and  break up knots, all while promoting good blood and lymphatic flow.

Fog and Nature


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